Cella is a super easy storage & backup solution. Running on standard GNU/Linux systems Cella offers internet accessible backup options as well as media sharing.

Storage / Backup

Using Cella one can backup all their things, computers, media.

Backup Server

Buy an 18TB Server and start backing-up!

The architecture of Radix allows it to be embedded into other applications and extended from there. In this fashion Radix can be tightly integrated and inter-version or cross-app version issues do not become an issue.

Other Backup Solutions Frameworks

Solution $/GiB/mo History
Cella Cheap! Cheap! Open Source
Carbonite $1.00 30 days Commercial
CrashPlan $1.00 30 days Commercial
iBackup $1.00 30 days Commercial
Mozy $1.00 30 days Commercial